"A stunning debut that will have readers wanting more! Yoerg is on par with Jennifer Weiner and Sarah Pekkanen."

Library Journal starred review

"Don't be fooled by the cute dog on the cover; there is nothing cute about this book. It's fearless." 

Richard Kramer, Award-winning TV producer, writer and author

"Gorgeously written with characters that shine."  

Eileen Goudge, New York Times bestselling author of The Replacement Wives

"A compelling tale of a family gone awry."

Lori Nelson Spielman, #1 International bestselling author of The Life List

"Brilliant, heartbreaking, shocking, and hopeful."      

Ellen Marie Wiseman, author of What She Left Behind 

"A sparkling and insightful debut."

Emily Liebert, author of When We Fall

What people are saying:

"HOUSE BROKEN is a beautifully rendered debut. It’s smart, heartbreaking, and thought provoking, and, it’s spiced with just enough wit to offset the serious core of the story.  This wonderful novel is destined to be a hit with book clubs." Beth Hoffman, New York Times bestselling author of Looking for Me

HOUSE BROKEN beautifully strips down the layers of family until all that is left is what's most important--love, forgiveness, understanding, and healing.”—National Bestselling author, Jennifer Scott

"House Broken is a powerful tale of the ways in which families hurt and heal.  I related to it on many levels, especially the struggle of a grown daughter to understand her deeply imperfect mother and forge a relationship out of salvaged parts.  Gorgeously-written with characters that shine, this is a novel deserving of the praise it will surely earn."      Eileen Goudge, New York Times bestselling author of The Replacement Wives

"Sonja Yoerg creates a compelling tale of a family gone awry, and the ultimate cost of maintaining shameful secrets. House Broken is everything I love in women’s fiction…beautiful writing, strong characters, a dash of mystery, and the hope for redemption."      Lori Nelson Spielman, International bestselling author of The Life List

"With beautiful prose and an unflinching eye, Sonja Yoerg has created a riveting tale exploring the power of family secrets. House Broken is a novel that will burn itself into your memory. The book is, by turns, brilliant, heartbreaking, shocking, and hopeful."      Ellen Marie Wiseman, author of What She Left Behind 

"Sonja Yoerg's smartly-written debut tells the spot-on tale of the challenges of navigating the three different families so many of us are part of--the one we grow up in, the one we marry into and the one we create with our partners. With impeccable prose and marvelous wit, Yoerg shows us that for almost every dark pocket of pain a family's history hides, there is, ultimately, a ray of light, and love."      Julie Lawson Timmer, author of Five Days Left

"House Broken is a sparkling and insightful debut. Sonja Yoerg paints her characters and her plot with the finest brush strokes that will have you turning each page faster than the last."     Emily Liebert, author of When We Fall



Veterinarian Geneva Novak understands the behavior of umpteen species—just not her mother, Helen.

Geneva fled her childhood home—and her mother’s vodka-fueled disasters—without a backward glance. Twenty-five years later, Helen totals her car and her leg, and none of her children will play nurse. Geneva’s husband, whose family lives in each other’s pockets, convinces her that letting Helen move in might repair the mother-daughter relationship. 

Geneva’s not holding her breath.

But she recognizes an opportunity. With her mother dependent and hobbled, Geneva may finally get answers to questions that have plagued her for years: why her eldest sister exiled herself to Africa, why her mother won’t discuss Geneva’s long-dead father, and why—there has to be a reason—Helen treats alcohol like a general anesthetic.