A girl emerges from the woods, starved, ill, and alone…and collapses.

Suzanne Blakemore hurtles along the Blue Ridge Parkway, away from her overscheduled and completely normal life, and encounters the girl. As Suzanne rushes her to the hospital, she never imagines how the encounter will change her—a change she both fears and desperately needs.

Suzanne has the perfect house, a successful husband, and a thriving family. But beneath the veneer of an ideal life, her daughter is rebelling, her son is withdrawing, her husband is oblivious to it all, and Suzanne is increasingly unsure of her place in the world. After her discovery of the ethereal sixteen-year-old who has never experienced civilization, Suzanne is compelled to invite Iris into her family’s life and all its apparent privileges.

But Iris has an independence, a love of solitude, and a discomfort with materialism that contrasts with everything the Blakemores stand for—qualities that awaken in Suzanne first a fascination, then a longing. Now Suzanne can’t help but wonder: Is she destined to save Iris, or is Iris the one who will save her?

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general release date: 1 Jan 2019 

 “A knock-out novel: beautiful, unique, suspenseful, and full of wonder.”  - Julie Cantrell, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of Perennials

"Engrossing and provocative."     -  Cynthia Swanson, New York Times bestselling author of The Glass Forest and The Bookseller

“Gripping, emotional and deeply authentic, True Places will have you flipping pages long into the night.”     -  Kristy Woodson Harvey, national bestselling author of The Secret to Southern Charm

“A stunning novel with luminous prose and a story that speaks straight to the heart.”       -  Camille Pagán, bestselling author of Life and Other Near-Death Experiences and Woman Last Seen in Her Thirties

“Tender and triumphant…readers will be swept along in the gorgeous narrative and fall in love with the artfully drawn characters plucked from real life.”    - Nicole Baart, author of Little Broken Things and You Were Always Mine

“Readers will enjoy every moment of getting lost in the pages of True Places, with its richly-drawn, realistic characters and loving attention to the details of the natural world. A beautiful book, all around.”                           - Susan Gloss, USA TODAY bestselling author of Vintage and The Curiosities

"A smart, tension-filled family drama--Yoerg at her best."    - Julie Lawson Timmer, author of Five Days Left, Untethered, and Mrs. Saint and the Defectives