Show Us Your #MiddleofSomewhere Giveaway winners: Week 3

August already? I was just getting cozy with July. The berries in the woods near our house have shriveled up and the fields are full of goldenrod. Summer is making the rounds, saying the first in a long series of goodbyes. Sigh. But I'm not one for looking behind me for very long. After all, it's less than a month until my new book is out and about!

Which brings me to this week's photos. The first winner is a gorgeous beach, perhaps Sarasota where the entrant lives, according to her profile. In her tweet she confided this scene inspires her jewelry designs. 

Here's a beach of a different sort, with nary a spot for a towel. I love the rocky drama of the California coast. See any sea lions in the water? 

Nah, me neither. 

Another winner on the Pacific coast, a more intimate setting in the entrant's backyard, perhaps. Isn't that little bridge sweet? 

I appreciated the next photo for its celebration of the beauty of the ordinary. There is nothing spectacular here, just a view you might encounter on an afternoon's hike, and yet it is very pretty. Blue skies, puffy clouds, tall pines and a lush valley of grass. It's very quiet there, don't you think?

I laughed out loud at this one. I never expected anyone's #MiddleofSomewhere to be a baseball stadium but, then again, why not? It's a great shot of Busch Stadium where the Cardinals play. As a Giants fan with pride in AT&T Park, I can relate. 

Congratulations to this week's winners! Copies of MIDDLE OF SOMEWHERE will be on their way shortly. Winners can send their addresses to me on the contact page.

Now the fun begins again! Tweet a photo of your #MiddleofSomewhere--and tell your friends!

Wherever you are--at the beach, in your backyard, on a hike or at a baseball game--have a great week.