Drowning in Champagne

I’ve had the feeling lately I should be betting on long-shot horses, or buying a Powerball ticket. That’s how lucky I feel.

Except my recent lucky streak is really about my readers—you guys! Because you bought or downloaded TRUE PLACES, and most of you liked it a great deal, and many of you were kind enough to post a review. And all that has made the release of my fourth novel a veritable rocket launch.

Credit: UK Space Agency

Credit: UK Space Agency

TRUE PLACES was #1 in the US Kindle Store for almost the whole month of December, and it was #1 in the UK Kindle Store, too—and #2 in Australia. It’s spent several weeks on the Amazon Most Sold and Most Read Charts, too. Amazing. I can’t get over it.

That would’ve been plenty, it truly would’ve. Then yesterday, the book debuted at #12 on the Washington Post Bestseller list. Gobsmacked. Flabbergasted. Humbled. Over^&*%joyed.

I’m feeling this:


And also this:

red sonja.jpg

Enough about me.

While I have you here, I want to encourage you to pre-order a book coming out February 5th, Susan Gloss’s second novel after her smash hit, Vintage. Just look at this gorgeous cover.


My Goodreads review is here.

An excerpt: “The Curiosities is full of gorgeous, perceptive descriptions of art and its creation; you will feel the angst, triumph and joy. And I'm a tough old bird but Nell's story brought me to tears, darn it! Wonderfully written, with memorable characters and deep emotional insights, it was an absorbing, satisfying read--with a perfect ending.” 

And you can order it here. Please do!

Hope your New Year is off to a promising start, too. CHEERS!!!