Welcome to Mayberry

Charming. Quiet. Quaint. Historic. 

No, we are not talking about me. Especially not the quiet part. We are talking about Lexington, Virginia. Now technically we live in Glasgow, but when we first moved to the area we rented a house in Lexington for a year, and that's still where we do our business. Why not in Glasgow? Here's what you can find there.

Yup. Plus a Dollar Store, but that's a whole 'nother post. 

So, back to Lexington. Here are a couple of the houses in town.

Lexington 005.JPG

Nice, huh? The town is home to Washington and Lee University (known locally as "Dubya 'n' Ell") and the Virginia Military Institute, and is a popular place to be buried if you outdid yourself in the Civil War. You'll find Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson here. And that's about it. 

Our rental was tucked away off Main Street, not that traffic was an issue. A bad commute here is when you stand at the light in town for more than three minutes. We were given keys to our rental but didn't need them. Houses are bought and sold here without the exchange of keys. I think they just say, "It's yours now." You might not get keys, but if you're lucky as we were, you'll get a wishing well.

You pay extra for caution tape. 

It was a fine place to live while we were getting our feet under us. I've never lived anywhere I could walk to town--what a treat! We had been concerned that living in a college town would mean lots of noise Wednesday through Sunday nights (yes, they start on Wednesdays now), but the parties are out in the county and did not infringe on peace in Mayberry, as we came to call it.

The people here are so happy we chose their town. They say so all the time, and stop to chat at every chance. Visiting time must be figured into the duration of every transaction. An extra ten minutes at the post office, at the bookstore, at the grocery checkout. Even the Comcast guy wanted to tell me about his wife's back and the ten-point buck he saw but didn't manage to shoot. I don't mind in the least. After all, I've got my own tidbits to share. You never saw Andy or Aunt Bea hurrying anyone through a conversation, did you?