Show Us Your #MiddleofSomewhere Twitter giveaway: Week 5

Well, butter my butt and call it a biscuit: only two weeks until MIDDLE OF SOMEWHERE is out! To celebrate, my publisher has dropped the price of the e-book of my debut, HOUSE BROKEN, to $1.99. Yup, two-buck book. It won't last, so jump on it here.

Ready for the Week 5 winning photos? Here we go! The first is of Colorado's Red Rocks, where the entrants loves to hike. Easy to see why. I'm also a huge fan of our western mountains, and this reminds me it's time to visit Colorado again.

I was out working in the garden in 90 degree heat and 300% humidity, and came inside and saw this tweet. I wanted to dive right in! Not everyone can get to the beach, so it's good to remember how much pools add to our enjoyment of summer. The entrant said her son was having a swim. *waves*

This one's two photos, but well worth bending the rules for. The tweet quoted one kitten saying to the other, "I feel we're in the #MiddleofSomewhere..."

Ha! Love the expression on the donkey's face.

I don't like to play favorites (of course, every time someone says that, they ARE playing favorites), but this next one is phenomenal. The overexposed shot give it a dreamlike quality and captures the essence of summer by the sea. And those clouds!

The last winner for this week was taken on Hornby Island, near Vancouver in British Columbia. I'm ready to go there, how about you?

Thanks to everyone who participated and congratulations to the winners. You can send me your mailing address via the contact page.

Let's do this again! Tweet a photo of your #MiddleofSomewhere, include the hashtag, and you may be chosen as one of next week's five winners of a finished copy of my new book!

In the meantime, enjoy the last weeks of summer. Hope it's been a great one!


Show us your #MiddleofSomewhere giveaway: Week 1 winners!

In case you missed it, my publisher and I are giving away five copies of my new book, MIDDLE OF SOMEWHERE every week on Twitter. All you have to do to enter is tweet a photo of your favorite #MiddleofSomewhere and include the hashtag. That's it! 

Thanks to everyone who entered. We've picked the winners for the first week, but don't worry if your photo wasn't chosen; you can enter again! In fact, do it now so you don't forget. We'll wait for you.

Welcome back. Without further ado, here are the winners!

What a photo! What a spot! Let's all pack our bags and meet there. I'll bring the wine.

I don't think we need a long discussion of what we like about this shot. Nicely played!

We loved this #MiddleofSomewhere selfie. She looks relaxed and happy and ready to explore the outdoors.

Lake Michigan as you've never seen it before, plus some boulder Jenga. Look at those colors!

A different take on #MiddleofSomewhere. This road leads to the entrant's home. Because sometimes your favorite place is where you already are. 

Congrats to the winners! You can email me your mailing address through the contact page and we'll send a book to right away!

And don't forget to tweet your #MiddleofSomewhere for next week's giveaway. Have an adventurous week!